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Phase 1

In Phase 1 of the Study, Main-McVay Corridor residents, businesses and property owners, education representatives, community organizations, agency staff, and elected and appointed officials met to learn and understand growing concerns about safety, congestion, and quality of life that could be improved through transportation improvements. Phase 1 considered technical analyses, reviewed a range of transit options and identified the most promising transit options. In spring 2015, the Springfield City Council and the LTD Board of Directors recommended that most promising transit options, based on stakeholder input, should move forward for additional study.

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Study Area

Main-McVay Study Area: click to enlarge

Main-McVay Study Area: click to enlarge


Project Process Steps

The approved range of most promising transit solutions to further study includes:

No-Change: The option to continue existing bus service, called the No-Change Option, will be carried forward to compare all options to a future scenario without making any major changes in existing transit service. Under this option, there is no change to existing service connections, lane configurations, routing, termini, or station locations.

Enhanced Corridor on Main Street Segment: 

Enhanced Corridor options typically include features to improve reliability, reduce transit travel times, and increase passenger comfort. These features include queue jumps, which are lanes for buses that allow the bus to “jump” ahead of other traffic at intersections using a separate signal phase. Enhanced Corridors include frequent service, and stop amenities like shelters. Buses generally share lanes with other vehicles. Enhanced Corridor Options are a potential solution being studied for the Main Street Segment.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Main Street Segment: 

Lane Transit District’s BRT system is called EmX (for Emerald Express). BRT (EmX) on the Main Street Segment would be an extension of the Franklin EmX line east of the Springfield Station on Main Street to the existing Thurston Station.

Enhanced Corridor on McVay Highway Segment: 

Enhanced Corridor options are a potential solution also being studied for the McVay Highway Segment.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on McVay Highway Segment:

BRT on the McVay Highway Segment is not recommended at this time.

Additional Pedestrian Crossings: pedestrian crossing

Further study of additional pedestrian crossings and lighting improvements is recommended east of 58th Street including those locations identified at the Study’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee July 2014 workshop.

Phase 1 – Main-McVay Final Report

Phase 1 – Public Input Received April 20 – May 18, 2015 


For additional questions about this project, please contact:
Emma Newman, City of Springfield Project Manager, or 541.726.4585
Tom Schwetz, Lane Transit District Project Manager, or 541.682.6203