Main Street Pedestrian Crossings

In a collaborative effort between the City of Springfield, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and LTD, the pedestrian crossing projects recommended under the 2010 Main Street Pedestrian Safety Study are being implemented in order to provide safer crossing opportunities along the Main Street corridor.

The City of Springfield is the lead in overseeing the public outreach, construction and installation of the pedestrian crossings. The City of Springfield conducts stakeholder outreach in each location before construction occurs to perform analysis and determine possible mitigation measures related to the crossings.

These pedestrian crossings were identified in the 2010 Main Street Pedestrian Safety Study. The Study recommended a total of eight pedestrian crossings. To date six Rapid Flashing Beacon Crossings have been installed on Main Street at 35th, 41st, 44th, 48th and 51st Streets and at Chapman Lane. The next pedestrian crossing to be installed on Main Street will be near 66th Street.

View the City of Springfield’s Rapid Flashing Beacon Crossing video to learn more about to use this type of crossing.

How can I stay informed?
Check this webpage periodically; information is posted as it becomes available.

For questions about this project please contact:
Michael Liebler P.E., Transportation Planning Engineer, or 541.736.1034.