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Phase 2

As part of Phase 2, the project team worked early and collaboratively with business and property owners to avoid and reduce potential impacts to properties along the corridor. The Governance Team considered feedback received and removed the widest design option from further consideration and analysis. After a series of website updates, meetings, presentations, corridor mailings, and e-updates, the transit study was paused in order to coordinate more closely with the Main Street Safety Project that received funding midway through Phase 2 of the Transit Study. The Main-McVay Transit Study has been coordinating with the Main Street Safety Project ever since.

Based on input from the community and considering impacts to existing infrastructure, the Governance Team recommended removing the EmX transit mode choice from consideration as a Main Street transit solution at their July 30, 2019 meeting. In further response to community input, the Governance Team also moved the Main Street Enhanced Corridor and No-Change options forward for further analysis in coordination with the Main Street Safety Project. The Enhanced Corridor route alignment follows the current alignment of the Route #11 Main Street bus. For more information about Enhanced Corridor, see the Transit Design Options by Corridor Segment page.

In 2021, the draft Main Street Facility Plan is being developed as part of the Main Street Safety Project. It will include a transit design recommendation that will support existing transit service and provide flexibility to accommodate Enhanced Corridor transit upgrades in the future. See the Main Street Safety Project for project schedule and details.

Phase 2 – Transit Design Options by Corridor Segment

Phase 2 – Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions about this project, please contact:
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