Main-McVay Transit Study

The purpose of the Main-McVay Transit Study is to evaluate the most promising transit options for the Main Street-McVay Highway Corridor as potential solutions to address growing concerns about safety, congestion, and quality of life that could be improved through transportation improvements.

Project Update

In January 2016, the Study entered Phase 2, which is focused on determining the community’s preferred transit solution along Main Street. Since 2018, the Main-McVay Transit Study has been coordinating with the Main Street Safety Project. Planning and community engagement are underway.

In fall 2018, an online open house included transit questions that helped inform the selection of the Enhanced Corridor transit mode choice for Main Street. For more details about the feedback received and Enhanced Corridor option, see this communication memo. For prior engagement and outreach information, see Public Involvement Page for details.

In July 2019, based on community feedback, the Governance Team recommended removing the EmX transit mode choice from consideration along Main Street. This option would have included elevated, level-boarding stations and could have featured dedicated transit lanes, business access and transit (BAT lanes), and buses running in mixed traffic. Some of these options would have required more widening of the roadway than the Enhanced Corridor option.

In July 2019, the Governance Team also moved Main Street Enhanced Corridor and No-Change options forward for further analysis in coordination with the Main Street Safety Project. Enhanced Corridor transit would consist of buses running along the current Route #11, stop amenity upgrades, and transit travel time improvements to deliver more frequent and consistent service. Given the Governance Team’s direction, the draft Main Street Facility Plan will support existing transit service and provide flexibility to accommodate Enhanced Corridor transit service in the future.

Study Area Map

Updated Map: click to enlarge

Updated Map: click to enlarge

Check out the project’s current Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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For additional questions about this project, please contact:
Emma Newman, City of Springfield Project Manager, or 541.726.4585
Tom Schwetz, Lane Transit District Project Manager, or 541.682.6203

Main-McVay Transit Study Area Map

Phase 1

In Phase 1 of the Study, Main-McVay Corridor residents, businesses and property owners, education representatives, community organizations, agency staff, and elected and appointed officials met to learn and understand growing concerns about safety, congestion, and quality of life that could be improved through transportation improvements. Phase 1 considered technical analyses, reviewed a range of transit …

Main-McVay Transit Study Area Map

Phase 2

As part of Phase 2, the project team worked early and collaboratively with business and property owners to avoid and reduce potential impacts to properties along the corridor. The Governance Team considered feedback received and removed the widest design option from further consideration and analysis. After a series of website updates, meetings, presentations, corridor mailings, …

Public Involvement

In April 2013, a well-coordinated project team, including City of Springfield, Lane Transit District (LTD), and consultant staff, worked closely with elected and appointed officials from City of Springfield and LTD to conduct initial stakeholder and community outreach. Phase 1 – Community Outreach Community outreach included small group meetings called, “Community Conversations,” and general public outreach at …