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Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The SAC has no further scheduled meetings for the project. SAC members are encouraged to continue their participation by attending the open houses and providing feedback as the study progresses. See below for meeting results.

SAC Membership and Composition

SAC Meeting Schedule

SAC Meeting #1 5-14-14:

SAC Meeting Agenda 5-14-14

SAC Presentation 5-14-14

SAC Project Initiation Package

SAC Agreements

SAC Meeting #2 5-27-14:

SAC Meeting Agenda & Materials 5-27-14 (Includes Meeting #1 Summary)

SAC Presentation 5-27-14

SAC Meeting #3 6-24-14

SAC Meeting Agenda and Materials 6-24-14 (Includes Meeting #2 Summary)


SAC Meeting #4 7-29-14

SAC Agenda 7-29-14

SAC Presentation 7-29-14

July Community Input Summary

SAC Meeting #3 Summary

SAC Materials #1 7-29-14

SAC Materials #2 7-29-14

SAC Meeting #5 8-26-14

Revised Draft SAC Agenda 8-26-14

SAC Presentation 7-29-14

We Are Here_08-26-14

Revised Report-SAC-7-29-14-edited (Includes Meeting #4 Summary)

Memo Summary Baseline Report Changes_08-20-14 compressed

Memo to SAC re PNGO 08-21-14

Memo to SAC re Range of Possible Solutions_08-20-14

Screening and Evaluation of Transit Solutions

 SAC Meeting #6 9-30-14

SAC Agenda 9-30-14

SAC Presentation 9-30-14

SAC Mtg #5 Report Final (Includes Meeting #5 Summary)

Main St Projects Update Sheet

Draft MM Tier I Screening Report_09-23-14

SAC Memo-GT Range of Possible Solutions 09-23-14

SAC Memo-PNGO 09-23-14

Screening Evaluation Primer_09-23-14_Final

Sept 2014 Community Input Summary

SAC Meeting #7 10-28-14

SAC Meeting Agenda and Materials for 10-28-14 Meeting (includes Meeting #6 Summary)

SAC Presentation 10-27-14

SAC Meeting #8 12/9/14

SAC Agenda and Materials 12-9-14 (includes Meeting #7 Summary)

SAC Presentation 12-09-14

SAC Additional Materials 12-9-14

Tier II Part A Report for SAC 10-28-14

SAC Meeting #9 1/27/15

SAC Mtg #9 Agenda and Materials 01-27-15 (includes Meeting #8 Summary)

 SAC#9 Presentation

SAC#9 Input Summary

Tier II Part B Report for SAC 12-9-14

SAC Meeting #10 2/24/15

SAC Mtg 10 Agenda and Materials (includes Meeting #9 Summary)

SAC Presentation 2-24-15-1

For a CD recording of any SAC meeting contact the City of Springfield at 541.736.7123 or email


SAC Meeting #4 Materials

Main-McVay Transit Study: Baseline Existing and Future Conditions Report Please note: Due to the large file size, the Report and Appendices A through D are divided into 10 files (Files A-J) and Appendix E is divided into 3 files (Files K-M).  All have corresponding page numbers in their file name.  It is recommended that you download Section A …